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Mightiest Me was developed to empower, inspire, and educate kids with food allergies. The goal is to teach children how to live responsibly with their allergy and to become their own superhero by protecting themselves. Because I have a food allergies myself, and now have two children with food allergies, I understand both physically and emotionally what children with food allergies experience.  Please support our Kickstarter Campaign! allergy book education


My son Jack is allergic to milk, eggs, peanuts, and tree nuts. Jack has experienced two anaphylactic episodes where he had to stay in the hospital. 


My son Max is allergic to eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, and fish. Max has experienced one anaphylactic episode that occurred during a friend's party.

About Mighty Jax

Mighty Jax and the Cookie Surprise is the first book in a food allergy series that takes the reader through real life situations that a child with a food a allergy encounters. Birthday parties, classroom parties, and Halloween are just some of the unique situations that will be highlighted in each book.   

In the first book, Mighty Jax and the Cookie Surprise, Jax lets curiosity gets the best of him as he takes a bite of his friend's cookie. Jax has an allergic reaction, needs epinephrine, and goes to the hospital.   

Mighty Jax stresses the importance of safety rules and informs young readers that by following simple steps, they can be their own superhero and protect themselves.  Best of all, the story comes with a Mighty Jax doll fully equipped with an emergency pouch and two auto injector pens, so that kids can feel comfortable with the idea of using auto injectors and have a companion who can relate to their needs. 

The allergy community understands that there needs to be better education for children. Why not let Mighty Jax help? Mighty Jax can also be used through play therapy, in doctor's offices for newly diagnosed allergy patients, and in schools to discuss what it means to have a food allergy. 

Educating through compassion and play is the Mighty Jax way!  Please support our Kickstarter Campaign!


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